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Joseph T. Foster, PE

Joe Foster is a Professional Engineer and principal of the firm, licensed in the states of Florida, Delaware, and New Jersey. His experience includes coordinating with contractors, vendors, government, and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance and comprehension of construction plans and specifications from project conception to completion. He has created design concepts and configurations of marine structures (seawalls docks, groins, revetments, boat basins) and dredging with recommendations incorporating existing physical conditions and environmental restrictions into the plan.

Joe brings a unique perspective and expertise to every project. Joe earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of North Dakota and his Bachelor of Arts in environmental Studies from Eastern University. This level of expertise in both fields enables him to not only understand the design requirements required of your project he also understands the associated environmental regularity process that can be a pitfall to many coastal projects.

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Jason Schneider

Jason Schneider is a Civil Engineer affiliated with the firm. Jason has vast knowledge and experience in the construction and design aspect of our business.

He has expansive knowledge and experience in design and construction of commercial and residential structures to include; Site work, demolition,framing, roofing, masonry, irrigation, septic systems, sewer both storm and wastewater, plumbing, decks, electrical,telecommunications, CCTV and fiber optics. Expert in underground and overhead electrical infrastructure design and construction.

He is experienced as a contractor and General Foreman. Expansive knowledge in job planning and scheduling as well as coordinating with contractors and work-site inspectors to assure a safe OSHA compliant and efficient job site.

As construction foreman and on site engineer he was responsible for failure analysis and identifying deficiencies in equipment and material.