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If you have waterfront property, seawall, or dock projects, rely on the experts at Foster Consulting to ensure their integrity. Wondering if we can take on your project? Contact us today for a free quote!

HOA Projects

Foster Consulting partners with contractors, developers, and homeowners associations (HOAs) to create beautiful and stable waterfront projects like seawalls, docks, and bulkheads. Our phased approach for HOA capital planning projects helps your development not only vet and hire the best contractors for the job, but also ensures quality craftsmanship throughout the entire process and guaranteed longevity. 


No need to worry about finding the best value, the best quality, or the best customer service. You can trust us to do the job right every single time. 

Residential Projects 

Each residence comes with its own set of unique challenges. We’ll provide the knowledge you need to make the best choices to protect your seawall or dock project for a lifetime. The first step is often our independent inspection, which can be your greatest defense against tragedy. A small investment now can save you a lot of heartache later!


After all, there is no such thing as re-engineering a project too much. It just doesn’t happen. When you put in the time and effort now, you save yourself from having to completely replace your seawall in the next 10 years due to a shoddy job, short-term materials, and bad design. 


Often we have to design around existing infrastructure: pools, trees, utilities, etc. to develop a strategy that will be sustainable. Our team of experts work with you from the very beginning — reviewing contractor proposals, pulling permits, and helping you make the right decisions for both short term and long term maintenance. Ultimately, we’re your insurance against having to scrap and replace a seawall or dock project. You know what to do–call Foster first.

Waterfront Projects

As more and more residences and businesses are built on or near the water, it becomes imperative that they are designed to withstand the daily activities of everything from a busy marina to harsh weather conditions and rising sea levels. Of course these projects also require us to work around obstacles like pipes, storm water drains, and utilities.


At Foster Consulting, we make sure your shoreline is stabilized, meets flood elevation certifications, and completes all FEMA surveys. 


We begin with a thorough, independent inspection. After which, our team of experienced engineers will guide you through the entire process — from hiring the best contractor for your needs to securing permits and overseeing construction. 


Our Field, Permitting, and Design teams collaboratively assess every project and make crucial decisions, using expertise from each team’s field to do so. We’re versatile, knowledgeable, experienced, and above all else, we treat our customers like family. 

Resiliency Projects 

Sea levels are rising more and more every year, threatening the safety, reliability, and value of seaside properties across the globe. And it’s no small amount the sea levels are rising– the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that by 2040, sea levels will rise by a foot. By 2060, they’ll have risen by two feet. 


Bottom line?

The future of your property hangs in the balance if you don’t focus your seaside projects on sturdiness and resiliency. Luckily, we create environmentally-friendly solutions that set the standard for reliability for years to come. Protect your investments and call Foster First.


Contact us for the best experience, designs, quality, and customer service in the country.


We're proud to partner with a wide range of residential and commercial clients. This is why we do what we do — your safety is our greatest success.

In early 2021, we started to see indications that there might be an issue with our seawall. This was a concern for us so, we felt it best to contract with an expert to provide an assessment. This is where our relationship with JFoster started. The assessment was extremely professional and also enlightening to us. The life expectancy and the potential ramifications if there were a catastrophic failure to the seawall, were eye-opening. Our immediate desire was to start the process for delivering a solution and it was extremely important to us to minimize risk. We also want to have trust in the teams that we were to hire. This was the point in time when I believe we made the first important decision. We hired JFoster to come in and assist us. JFoster created a very specific design that all construction companies to be considered would need to comply with. They guided us and managed the bid process and provided insights as to how best to choose the proper company. The choice was up to us but we were armed with information that helped us to make a good choice. We believe that we made a very good choice in choosing Florida Structural Group but that was not the end of our involvement with JFoster. JFoster ensured quality at every significant stage of the construction process and signed off at each stage. They confirmed that everything completed was in compliance with their specification. In the end they provided a document that confirmed the results as positive. During the construction cycle, JFoster worked well with our Constriction team; both sides working to ensure a proper delivery. Our project was completed in Q1 of this year (2022), ahead of schedule. The professionalism, due diligence and technical acumen of JFoster was a significant factor in our success. One of our most important things was to minimize risk and JFoster ensured that. Our trust for their ability and their desire for a quality outcome was gained early on. The project went better than I could have expected and I am grateful that we were able to have JFoster as part of our team. I highly recommend JFoster to anyone in this area who either is in need of a new seawall or is uncertain as to their seawall status.

    Bob Humes

    Retired President, Apollo Beach Condo

    Three factors caused our selection of J Foster to become our ‘go-to’ firm for engineering projects. First, Foster demonstrated a unique collaboration style through listening and communicating that developed into a team mentality between our respective organizations. Second, their critical thinking ability buttressed through their experience with several seawall projects allowed them to dive into our seawall challenge to mold a thoughtful and cost-effective solution. Lastly, J Foster was determined to complete the project within the suspense, while remaining reflective about their work.

      Gary Schamburg

      CAM Community Manager Americana Cove

      Our community faced the complexities of a failed construction project. The problems were serious and no viable options were at hand. After an extensive search, we hired J. Foster Consulting to advise us. It was the best decision we ever made. Joe Foster used a hands-on approach to research, document and provide an innovative and technically superior solution. Lauren Foster guided our board through the difficult task of building consensus with our concerned unit owners. Foster provided a comprehensive approach that far exceeded our expectations. Under their guidance, the project was completed six weeks ahead of schedule and one-half million dollars under the previous budget. Our community was in serious trouble and J. Foster Consulting saved us. If you hire them I am confident it will be the best decision your community could make as well.

        Dr. R. Frank Lee

        Villages at Stella Maris Master Association. Inc.

        Just a note again to say thank you for awesome and very last moment service with our seawall report.  I'd be honored to refer out your business to anyone in need of your superb services!!

          Daniel Brzycki

          I needed a written report on the condition of a seawall and dock for a property I was buying, and I needed it fast. I called Joe, and he came over, spent more than an hour underwater inspecting them carefully, and the next day I had just what I needed, as well as Joe's suggestions for preventive maintenance to extend the useful lives of both. Joe is very knowledgeable and very professional. It is the start of a long-term relationship with Joe for all my marine consulting needs.

            Larry Gibbs

            Joe Foster of Foster Consulting provided inspection services of our seawall. This inspection required him to definitively locate where the soil was leaking which was causing a sinkhole in our parking lot. Mr. Foster was prompt, professional and gave us clear direction of the course of action we needed to take to seal the leak and thereafter how to repair the parking lot. We would recommend without any reservation Foster Consulting and their lead engineer Joe Foster.

              Larry Hurwitz

              Chair, Budget/Finance Committee Island Pointe Condominium Association

              Mr. Foster provided marine engineering services for the demolition and reconstruction of the Bird Key Yacht Club’s 50 slip marina in Sarasota, Florida. His professionalism was exceptional—knowledgeable, responsive and cost effective. He was particularly effective during the value-engineering process…allowing us to be under budget. I highly recommend Foster Consulting to anyone embarking on a marina project…large or small.

                Brian McCarthy

                Rear Admiral, SC, USNR Owner’s Representative & Board of Governors Bird Key Yacht Club Sarasota, FL

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